Fifth Dimension is a dive shop committed to promoting all levels of diving, with particular focus on the local Pacific Northwest region.

We provide classes, training, and gear that supports all levels of diving from a shallow reef in the tropics, to the most demanding cave environments.

Whether you are looking to learn about what scuba diving is, take a quick lesson before heading out to the tropics (and thus enjoy your valuable time there in diving, rather than training), or looking to dive locally, we provide guidance, instruction and equipment.

It is a widely accepted fact that PNW diving is some of the most challenging diving in the world, and PNW divers tend to be far better prepared for various conditions, even when diving a shallow reef in the tropics. The PNW also rewards the discerning diver with features found nowhere else in the world. Occasionally, you’ll see Orca whales swimming right across our most frequented dive site, the Giant Pacific Octopus – a majestic creature, six-gill sharks – if you’re lucky, or the Lion’s Mane jelly fish. With advanced current diving experience, you open up sites that bring in nutrient-rich waters creating an explosion of life and colors that are truly indescribable here. Apart from wildlife, the PNW features historic wrecks dating back a century in some rare cases.

We frequently organize “sanctioned” shop dives – dives intended to introduce fellow divers to each other so they can find/meet new buddies, to have lots of fun in new sites, and occasionally to unlock a new experience under guidance (navigation, current, bottle hunting, sidemount, rebreathers, etc.) If you’re an infrequent diver or a summer diver, shop dives are a great way to mingle in the community. If it’s particularly cold, we’ll even bring some coffee and donuts for everyone! Not only are shop dives free for everyone, but we’ll even provide free air/nitrox fills to all who show up.

Contact us to know more, drop by the shop sometime, or show up at one of our shop dives to enjoy the camaraderie, food and lively dive-talk.

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